VZBUĎME VARY (Let’s wake up Vary) is an association that since 2015 has been encouraging and nourishing creativity and artistic experimentation in the Karlovy Vary region. The association does not have its own space, which it considers a limitation yet it is ready to rise to the challenge. It enlivens the region with performing arts and creates space for experiencing contemporary art genres: new theatre, dance, minor music genres, and site-specific performance. It fosters a dialogue about current themes related to public space, art, and culture. It strives to incite a sensitive connection to places and their memories, and support opportunities for an open interhuman communication.

Location: Karlovy Vary’s spa zone and other places in the city and the region (Ostrov, Jáchymov).

Events: Multidisciplinary site-specific events in public space and in the landscape, workshops for adults, public discussions and think tanks, Esence místa (A place’s essence) – a long-term art survey.

Facilities: Events are presented at various venues in the Karlovy Vary’s spa zone, at other places in public space and halls of local organisations.

Opportunities: Association offers space for theatre, dance, art, literature and music project presentations as well as cooperation (co-production, hosting, facilitation) during open discussions or projects relating to the issues of arts, town, community support and cultural-social activism.

Kontakt: VZBUĎME VARY, z. s., náměstí Emy Destinové 171/9, Karlovy Vary 360 01, tereza@offcity.cz, www.vzbudmevary.cz