Moving Station is a distinctive alternative scene for contemporary theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary art experiments in Pilsen. Its history began in 2000 when it organised a happening by occupying a deteriorating local railway building. Since then, Moving Station has hosted artists from around the world. After a complete renovation of the building in 2015, a space for artists residencies and development of new forms of dialogue between artists and audiences was opened. Moving Station is operated by Johan – the centre for contemporary art and education (est. 1998).

Location: Moving Station is housed in an impressive, revitalised historic departure building of the former railway station Pilsen–South.

Events: Moving Station’s programme centres on presentation of contemporary independent works of experimental theatre, dance, and new circus. It also presents visual art, music, and film. Since 2016 the company Johan has been producing at Moving Station its own theatre plays and organising festivals and exhibitions. In addition, Moving Station is a home to Dramacentre Johan – a platform for art and theatre education projects. Their original project is Nastevřeno, a festival of independent performing arts projects created in the regions.

Facilities: Moving Station has four spaces – a large multipurpose hall (8.5 × 19 × 6(h) m) with 105 seats for spectators; stage 8.5 × 8 m (for standard layout of the hall), a conference hall – gallery for 80 people, a thematic railway coffee shop for 50 people, and a spacious Secession-style entry hall from 1904 for up to 60 people. Except for the coffee shop, a mobile elevation or stage may be erected in any of the spaces.

Opportunities: Moving Station is an open creative space for preparation and presentation of original theatre, dance, visual art, and multimedia projects. It is a stagione as well as a production house, presenting contemporary works; it is a creative laboratory for new works of local and international artists.

Contact: Moving Station, Koperníkova 56, 301 00 Pilsen,,