Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu (Centre for Open Culture) was established in 2018 from a multi-genre cultural and production centre Divadlo 29 and Galerie města Pardubic. It is a multi-genre cultural and artistic centre that focuses on the promotion of the contemporary non-mainstream performative and visual arts.

Location: Divadlo 29 (Theatre 29) house no. 29 in the historical centre of Pardubice. Galerie města Pardubic (City Gallery Pardubice)- the granary at the little castle.

Events: Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu programme is built on the synergy of the multi-genre cultural centre Divadlo 29 and the Galerie města Pardubic – the exhibit-institution of the Kunsthalle type. The programme is based on several year-round projects (Electroconnexion, Jazzconnexion, Etnoconnexion, AniLab, exhibition programme in Galerie města Pardubic), of which common features are a clear programming concept, continuity and emphasis on artistic quality, innovation and being up-to-date. COK works closely with Pardubice non-profit cultural organisations Terra Madoda and Offcity on projects such as Filmfuse, Offcity architekti, Ostrovy v pohybu and Textconnexion. D29 initiated and produced several cultural events and art projects located in public space (Tyršovy sady) or in currently non-functioning and publicly inaccessible spaces (Automatic Mills, Cinema Sirius, Střelnice). COK annually realises the regional part of the One World and Tanec Praha festivals.

Facilities: Divadlo 29 – a multi-functional black box room with a capacity of 110 sitting spectators, a club scene with a café and a gallery with a capacity of 60 sitting spectators and a cellar space adapted as a laboratory for workshops. Galerie města Pardubic – exhibition space (main hall and communication space) in the building of the former granary in the historic complex next to the entrance to the Pardubice Chateau.

Opportunities: Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu space is suitable for the presentation of virtually all artistic genres, for the realization of creative residential stays, seminars, conferences and workshops.

Contact: Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu, Svaté Anežky České 29, 53002 Pardubice,,,,