In 2021 a new category CONNECTED was created. It includes organizations, but also individuals who have been cooperating with the Nova sit organization for a long time.

Šárka Zahálková, member of the platform Officity and curator at GAMPA, the Pardubice City Gallery which is together with Divadlo 29 (Theatre 29) part of the Pardubice Centre for Open Culture. She has been continually interested in the themes of art as a means to social change and art in public space.

Martina Erbsová, director of the Centre for Artistic Activities, a city-funded organisation, which supports primarily non-professional artists and creative public in Královéhradecký region. She founded and worked for a few years as a director of kontrapunkt, a cultural not-for-profit organization in Hradec Králové, a long-time member of Nova sit.

Jan Kunze, director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts EPO1, curator at art gallery UFFO, member of the Czech Academy of Popular Music (the Angel Awards), and editorial board member of the publishing house Perplex. Jan Kunze worked as a secretary at Vize tance (Vision of Dance) and for ten years as a dramaturg at Opava Cultural Organization which was part of the Czech Cultural Network Nova sit until 2020.

Naplaveno / Stružinec in the Jistebnice Highlands Nature Park
Naplaveno association aims to support cultural activities in the Jistebnicko region. It organizes theatre performances, concerts, seminars, and brings traditions back to life. It focuses on mutual dialogue; it connects local people with city inhabitants. It offers residential space for artists. Naplaveno is located in a small village called Stružinec that offers a cottage, a barn with a theatre stage, a caravan, a workshop, and large meadows in the beautiful countryside as spaces to work, relax, and forget about city noise.
Contact: Karolína Fendrychová,,

AvantgArt / Vratislavice nad Nisou
The society AvantgArt has been striving since 2015 to rescue a coal and water tower, a unique technical historic building, located in the city of Vratislavice nad Nisou. AvantgArt opened the tower to the public for the first time in 2016. The society’s mission is to protect this significant monument of the Liberec Region and develop in it a cultural centre focusing on exhibitions, crafts, and arts. The AvantArt association also built an open-access workshop, Zauhlovačka (Coaling tower), with the Re-use centre where it organises classes in furniture renovation and other thematic workshops.
Contact: Jitka Jakubičková,,

Kulturní Plantáž Blatná / Blatná
Kulturní Plantáž (Cultural Plantation) cultivates culture in Blatná – the city of roses, produces performing arts projects both on regional and national level, and enlivens cultural public space. It also includes a museum, library, cinema, community centre, and information centre.
Contact: Broňa Winklerová,,

Industra STAGE / Brno
Industra STAGE is an established creative ‘factory’. It links visual arts (exhibition space, studios), performance arts and theatre, a creative hub (workshops and studios for art, design, and technical disciplines), and a fine coffee shop. It also produces and co-produces performances in drama, alternative, movement, and non-verbal theatre, and provides artists residencies for individuals and artistic groups.

Kulturní služby města Moravská Třebová / Moravská Třebová
Kulturní služby města Moravská Třebová (Moravská Třebová Cultural Services) is a city-funded organisation. It operates the city’s museum, chateau, cinema, and its culture. Through a quality cultural production, the organisation seeks ways to create a meaningful environment for the community – a community that thrives in it, takes on responsibility, engages, and builds relationship to the city. The goal is to cultivate and enliven the city of Moravská Třebová; to be a living, pulsating organisation capable of reacting to current events.
Contact: Marie Blažková,,

Městská kulturní zařízení Jeseník / Jeseník
Městská kulturní zařízení Jeseník (City Cultural Institution Jeseník) is a city-funded organisation that operates a theatre, gallery, library, cinema, and an open-air cinema. It strives to stand out from mainstream greyness. The institution seeks ways to bring to the region quality culture and art, standing for “the centre is where you make it happen,” which is also the motto of the V centru/Im zentrum festival they collaborate on. Městská kulturní zařízení Jeseník organises events for general public as well as art festivals and an international piano competition, education programmes, and other events.

Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival / Kutná Hora
Theatre X10 has been organising year-round cultural activities in Kutná Hora since 2020. Part of the project X10 Kutná Hora, the theatre explores performing arts on a regional level and in international context. It focuses on connecting people through variety of disciplines, thus encouraging young, emerging artists. In addition, It creates a space for cultural stakeholders from the entire Czech Republic to share their experiences by presenting their works. Through collaboration with local groups, it incites communities to interconnect and encourages active citizenships. Theatre X10 has continued its activities outside of Prague linked to the Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival (KHPAF), an international festival it has managed since 2018. KHPAF is the only presentation of independent theatre and other performing arts disciplines in Central Bohemian Region. The festival functions also as a work platform for non-profit sector within European context. Both projects, X10 Kutná Hora and Kutná Hora Performing Arts Festival, offer artists residencies with an option of follow-up presentations.
Contact: Radka Zahradníková – curator of X10 Kutná Hora, Ewa Zembok – curator of KHPAF,
Czech Cultural Network Nová síť