Kredance is a non-profit organisation that has been active in České Budějovice since 2010. It supports and develops live art at professional and amateur levels in the South Bohemian region. It enhances the general public’s awareness of contemporary dance, movement theatre, new theatre and new circus and creates a friendly environment for meetings of performers and supporters of live art.

Location: The theatre’s main place of operation is České Budějovice – its theatre as well as public space and South Bohemian region. Nevertheless, the Kredance activities are international in some of its projects.

Events: Kredance brings to České Budějovice, the South Bohemian metropolis, a new theatre, contemporary dance, physical theatre, and new circus. It offers residencies to artists of the mentioned disciplines and arranges for movement theatre classes and workshops for adults. Kredance operates its own dance group, Kredance Company, which produces its own physical theatre projects. It realised an international project, Performance Exchange, and has collaborated with the Theaterzeit festival in Freistadt, Austria. Every year, Kredance presents in the regions the Malá inventura festival and Tanec Praha. Kredance’s special programme Neboj a pojď! (Don’t worry and come!) offers workshops for disadvantaged children from orphanages. It also organises community events, such as concerts, flea and farmers markets, lectures, film screenings, and a community celebration Zažít město jinak (Experience the city in a new way).

Facilities: Kredance presents most of its production at the cultural centre VÝMĚNÍK1 in České Budějovice. This space is a location for theatre performances, residential stays of artists, dance courses, workshops etc. Výměník is located in the Šumava housing estate.

Opportunities: Space for artistic residence, presentation of the projects at a professional level in the South Bohemian region, partnership for interesting projects.

Contact: Kredance z. s., Klavíkova 1563/1, České Budějovice 370 04, Výměník1, drenceni@kredance.cz, www.kredance.cz, J. Opletala 842, České Budějovice 370 05