UFFO is a unique modern cultural space that aims to enrich the cultural life in Trutnov and its surroundings, while strengthening the reputation of Trutnov as an open cultural metropolis.

Location: UFFO – a unique multi-functional space in the town center. UFFO has been awarded The Czech Republic Building of 2011 as well as The Czech Republic Best Investment of 2011.

Events: UFFO focuses on drama, music, alternative theatre, concerts of wide genre range, new circus and contemporary visual arts. Cirk-UFF, an international festival of new circus; Theatre Subscriptions (selection of the most interesting theatre achievements in drama, music, movement and alternative theatre); Rodinné Uffokousky (the most interesting theatrical events suitable for the whole family), Trutnovský podzim (international music Festival).

Facilities: Multi-functional space Uffo, with 5 basic arrangement options (peephole, concert /seating/standing/, arena room, ballroom, congress room), Národní dům Trutnov (national house), Kino Vesmír Trutnov (cinema).

Opportunities: Because of its versatility, UFFO is open to many possibilities, specifically for co-productions and residencies, primarily in the new theatre. UFFO provides these capabilities while carefully selecting its partners/companies. The list of the most successful residencies/co-productions up to date includes One Step Before the Fall by Markéta Vacovská, Lenka Dusilová and Petr Boháč and Dolls Circus La Putyka.

Contact: Společenské centrum Trutnovska pro kulturu a volný čas, náměstí Republiky 999, 541 01 Trutnov,,