S radostí (With Pleasure) endeavours – with unflagging enthusiasm - to revive and enrich the culture life of the town of Varnsdorf and the country around it. They do so by organising worthwhile public events such as concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances and film screenings.

Location: Anywhere we are invited With Pleasure.

Events: S radostí participates in a dramaturgy and organisation of several festivals, especially the Vítr z hor theatre festival and Mandava Jazz festival. The latter is organized in cooperation with German organization Hillerische Villa, thus reviving the Czech-German relations through shared musical feelings. S radostí also closely cooperates with Městské divadlo Varnsdorf (municipal theatre), which is the main organiser of the theatre festivals, jazz concerts and supports artists through residencies.

Facilities: S radostí has no premises of their own and therefore combines renting, free rent and cooperation with other organisations.

Opportunities: Thanks to close collaboration with Městské divadlo Varnsdorf, S radostí can offer spaces for organising artistic residencies and/or musical and theatre performances.

Contact: S radostí, z. s., Plzeňská 1261, 407 47 Varnsdorf,