Luhovaný Vincent is an association that organizes a multi-genre festival of the same name. The association strives to become a cultural platform for a spa of the 21st century. The festival aims to enrich the cultural life of Luhačovice through fresh music, film, theatre, literature, sound, and fine arts. It specialises in genre mixing and mutual enriching of multiple art types and genres. Luhovaný Vincent revitalises the spa space and enriches the tranquil spa town as it develops the idea of spa as a social-cultural phenomenon. Thanks to the festival, this cultural tradition is still fresh. The Luhovaný Vincent association has also created Zvuková mapa Luhačovic (Sound map of Luhačovice) – a digital guide that tells the story of the renowned spa town, Luhačovice, in a form of original radio plays. The project was launched in 2019.

Location: The town of Luhačovice – Luhovaný Vincent presents events within the town’s spa centre, at the town’s venues and spa premises.

Events: Luhovaný Vincent festival takes place for three days at the beginning of summer. Also, smaller cultural events are held. The organisers are mainly interested in performing arts and events in public space. The festival fulfills its educational goal by arranging for discussions, lectures, and presentations.

Facilities: No private premises.

Opportunities: Preparation, realisation and presentation of music, film, theatre, fine arts, literature, sound, and multimedia projects.

Contact: Luhovaný Vincent, z. s. A. Slavíčka 267, Luhačovice 763 26,,