In June 2017, Nová síť has launched a new startup organization section. New organizations now have the first year to explore the outlines of their cooperation and to get acquainted with the opportunities offered by networking.

We are looking forward to working with

Farmstudio / Vysoká
Physical and mental space for live art and culture located in a historic farmhouse in Vysoká na Kokořínsku. In addition to its own programme, Farmstudio provides facilities for creative stays, symposiums, plenary sessions, and courses for artists, musicians and performers. Activities in the field of cultural heritage protection, ergotherapy and alternative lifestyle form an integral part of the project.
Contact: Pavel Matela,,

Velvareum / Velvary
Velvareum cultural and educational centre in Velvary creates educational programmes that first of all explore local cultural and artistic themes. Concurrently the centre strives to connect associations and cultural and educational organisations in the town of Velvary. Velvareum closely collaborates with the city’s management and with associations Natvrdlí and Velvarská Kostka.
Contact: Kateřina Špičková,, https://velvareum.wixsite. com/velvary,

Spolek Zlínský Zvěřinec / Zlín
Zvěřinec is an association of natives from the Zlín region where it also organises community-cultural events and, in the future, it plans to create a cultural institution as a centre for meetings, personal development, educating and artistic self-realisation of local people.
Contact: Jan Tomšů,,

Tančírna v Račím údolí / Javorník
Tančírna v Račím údolí (Dancing Hall in Crawfish Valley) is an Art Nouveau building based in the Račí údolí valley, located in the Golden Mountains area. It is a cultural institution organising concerts, openings and exhibitions, workshops, lectures, readings, theatre, artists residencies, dance classes in collaboration with Slovak dance school Dansovia, or with Swing Busters, Swing Hills, and other events. Tančírna collaborates on preparation and production of an international film festival, Blacksphere, and a site-specific Czech-German festival V centru/Im Zentrum. It connects Czech and Polish art public as well as general public. Established and renowned artists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Portugal, England, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate in 2022.
Contact: Zdeněk Jurčík,,

Sladovna Písek / Písek
Sladovna Písek (Malthouse Písek) is the largest creative gallery space for children and their adults in the Czech Republic. Sladovna’s programme is based on a concept “gallery as a play” considering a play and experience as key factors in development of every child. In a renovated 4,500 m2 space of the former malthouse, visitors are encouraged to explore five permanent and several short-term exhibitions produced as a result of interdisciplinary collaboration of artists and various institutions. Sladovna Písek also houses the Balzám Café – a coffee shop and aroma bar with live music. In addition, Sladovna organizes a city festival for families with children which enlivens the streets of the city of Písek each May, offering participation on preparation of and during the festival. The organization Sladovna Písek operates in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe.
Contact: Adam Langer,,

Městské kulturní středisko Vodňany / Vodňany
Městské kulturní středisko Vodňany (MěKS Vodňany, City Cultural Centre Vodňany) is a city-funded organisation. It is located at the city’s cultural centre in Zeyrovy sady nearby the city’s centre. It operates a classical theatre hall with a ‘peep-hole’ style stage and a 350-seat auditorium. The hall functions primary as a cinema, but it could also accommodate music and theatre performances. The building features a coffee shop, which can also function as a small stage. In addition, the backstage includes rehearsal room, a lecture room, and accommodation for 8 people. MěKS Vodňany is an umbrella organisation for several informal cultural associations, such as a puppet theatre Pimprlata, a volunteer theatre company Divadlo pod plachtou (Theatre under the canopy), and Klub vojenské historie (Club of military history). MěKS Vodňany produces or collaborates on production of traditional cultural and social events in the town, and collaborates with other organisations and institutions in the town and the surrounding areas.
Contact: Michala Piskačová,,
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