The main objective of cultural NGO kontrapunkt is the involvement of the population of Hradec Králové in cultural and social activities, establishing cooperation with similar organisations, support of creative people and the organisation of important cultural festivals in Hradec Králové.

Location: Town of Hradec Králové and its public spaces.

Events: Regions – International Theatre Festival Hradec Králové (its open air part, known until 2020 as the Open Air Program Hradec Králové) – a non-competitive festival of independent theatre companies and music productions, which will be held at 20 open stages in the historic city centre. Jazz Goes to Town – a prestigious music festival, in five October days – brings jazz in all of its forms both to the Hradec Králové concert halls and to less usual places for listening.

Facilities: The organization does not have its own space. To organize cultural events, it rents (commercial as well as non-commercial rentals) and utilizes public spaces of the city of Hradec Králové.

Opportunities: Presentation of independent companies and music productions at the international theatre festival Hradec Králové - Regions and the international jazz festival Jazz Goes to Town.

Contact: kontrapunkt, z. s., třída Karla IV. 714/5, 500 02 Hradec Králové,,