CO.LABS is an open, independent creative platform actively securing support for and development and growth of art sector. It emphasizes engagement and quality improvement, and challenges boundaries of art disciplines and genres. CO.LABS was founded in 2021 as a response to the lack of inclusiveness within the existing theatre system in Brno. CO.LABS’s primary goal is to help and assist professional creatives in performing arts and other disciplines. CO.LABS supports students, new graduates, and established artists. CO.LABS Zone of Independent Art is a team of creatives committed to building a dynamic and artistic environment with an open, shared space where art disciplines, genres, forms, and opinions intertwine.

Location: CO.LABS is housed at a Sokol Gym in downtown Brno.

Events: Throughout the year, CO.LABS organises many artist residencies for artists from various disciplines of performing arts, the Open Residency Project encouraging local creativity, workshops led by Czech and foreign lecturers. and also creates a programme for groups in residency. In addition to its own progressive and engaging dramaturgy focused on original projects from drama, physical theatre, and multidisciplinary theatre formats, CO.LABS represents a platform for independent groups and individuals without access to a space where they could present their works.

Facilities: Facilities: CO.LABS offers five main spaces. Large Hall (stage 11 × 7.3 m, capacity of 250 spectators); Small Hall (14 × 7.8 × 4.95(h) m, black wooden floor, sound system, actors’ dressing room, WC, shower, theatre lighting system, excellent acoustics); Workshop Hall (12 × 4.4 × 4.35(h) m, dance cushioned floor – wooden raster, foam 5 mm, cushioned floor, sound system, backstage with a kitchen, WC, shower, daylight); Drama Rehearsal Room (6.8 × 6.35 × 2.8(h) m, cushioned dance floor, ‘black box’ – no windows, a complete wooden acoustic panelling, piano, sound system, WC, shower); and Coworking Social Space – a space in the heart of the building with a self-service café equipped with work tables and chairs, designed for work on PC, meetings, and networking.

Opportunities: CO.LABS is a creative space suitable for preparation and production of performing arts projects (theatre dramas, visual art installations, exhibitions, concerts; and music, multimedia and interdisciplinary projects).

Contact: CO.LABS, Kounicova 22, Brno 602 00,,