REZI.DANCE is a first-of-its-kind artist residency house for performing arts in the Czech Republic. It is a sought-after space providing artists with time and peaceful environment for research work in a quiet rural area. It is also popular among cultural organizations, art festivals, and platforms or cultural managers who appreciate the quality time and space for event and project planning as much as the artists do.

Location: The residency house POD JAVORY 17 is located at the foothills of Gratzen Mountains, in the village Komařice. It is a farmhouse at the village square with an enclosed courtyard, in the vicinity of woods, meadows, groves, and ponds.

Events: Each year REZI.DANCE holds an open call for ARTIST-IN-REZI.DANCE (A-I-R) – REZI-DANCE’s programme that offers artists and organizations a year-round residency space in a countryside for concentrated research work.

Facilities: Residency house POD JAVORY – a farmhouse – a studio 7 × 7 m (with a cushioned dance floor, wood floor, light dimmer, basic audio equipment, projector and screen), daylight or an option to block light, accommodation for 12 people, kitchen, office, common area, workshop, enclosed courtyard, garden (1,000 m2), a small lake for swimming, and sauna. SKLENĚNKA – a detached apartment is being built within the farmhouse compound to accommodate 2 people, bathroom and toilet included.

Opportunities: REZI.DANCE’s spaces may be also used to organize movement or artistic workshops, lectures, and other community activities. A small performance could be organized as well, both within the farmhouse compound and the surrounding landscape. The residency supports projects focused on ecology, memory of landscape, and environment

Contact: Rezi.dance v lese z. s., POD JAVORY, Komařice 17, Komařice 373 14, vlese@rezi.dance, www.rezi.dance