Valdštejnské imaginárium (Wallenstein’s Imaginarium) endeavours to revive a historical monument of Vallenstein‘s Loggia with a project called Cultural Imaginarium, focusing on live art, alternative culture, unconventional family events and site-specific projects. The unusual concept stems from the fact that the building of the Vallenstein‘s Loggia has never been completed. The fact that the Wallenstein’s project remained in many aspects an unfulfilled dream, became a great inspiration for the current team aggregated around the monument. For several years, they have been turning this impressive place into a cultural and community centre as well as an independent creative platform of the town. It is an inspiring place for a wide variety of artistic activities.

Location: Valdštejnská lodžie is a unique early Baroque monument near Jičín, built by Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein as a part of a composed Baroque landscape.

Events: In addition to organizing concerts, performances, lectures, screenings and workshops, Valdštejnské imaginárium focuses on events of original production. It uses unique spaces and atmosphere of historical buildings and draws on the imagination of viewers. E.g. in the project The unconventional revival of traditions there is an effort to bring unconventional traditions and to create a living culture with respect to the monument and history. As part of this project, the following events take place regularly: ČARODĚNÍ - a magical day for the whole family, SLAVNOST STROMŮ - family EVENT DURING the International Day of Trees, DIVOVÁNOCE - unconventional advent event with a snow-covered live nativity scene, etc. Together with Nová síť, it annually organises a new theatre festival MALÁ INVENTURA JIČÍN.

Facilities: The main area for organising the outdoor activities in the Loggia building is a covered terrace (26 × 9 m), and for smaller concerts and performances there is an octagonal room OKTOGON (8 × 6,5 m). In the buildings of the Honorary Court there is the CAFÉ LOGGIE (6 × 6 m) where dance performances, concerts, reading and exhibitions are held. In 2022, a new multifunctional hall, Theatron, (6 × 11.5 m) will be built in the east wing. It will include an extensible elevation. In addition, the space features a foyer, backstage space for artists and storage for equipment.

Opportunities: Valdštejnská lodžie is an inspiring place for a wide variety of artistic activities. Its distance from the city centre makes it ideal for a systematic creative work, artistic residencies, organisation of innovative projects and site-specific projects.

Contact: Valdštejnské imaginárium, z. ú., Valdštejnská lodžie, 506 01 Jičín – Sedličky 4, info@valdstejnskalodzie.cz, www.valdstejnskalodzie.cz