Theatrum Kuks organises a multidisciplinary festival of the same name that showcases Baroque and Baroque-inspired art on the background of the Kuks site. It follows in the Kuks’s tradition as a European music, theatre, and art centre with the goal to bring performing arts back to Kuks. Since 2020 Teatrum Kuks has been operating the Gallery of Marionettes featuring a unique collection of 50 marionettes by Jiří Nachlinger inspired by the sculptures of Matthias Braun. During their Summer Marionette Season, it showcases puppet performances by guest artists. It offers artists residencies and art workshops. Through its activities it encourages interdisciplinary encounters and ignites interest in exploring Baroque in contemporary art practice. Theatrum Kuks participates in the project #novebaroko.

Location: Historic site Kuks and surrounding areas.

Events: THEATRUM KUKS, a multidisciplinary festival of Baroque and Baroque-inspired art; an audio walk Theatrum mundi Kuks at the Gallery of Marionettes; Summer Marionette Season.

Facilities: Kuks – interiors and exteriors of the spa and hospital on the shore of Elbe River; Gallery of Marionettes at Comoedienhaus; Rentz Museum of Baroque Printmaking.

Opportunities: Theatrum Kuks offers to artists of all disciplines and genres to present their work in the festival’s programme or at the Summer Marionette Season, participate at workshops, apply for artist residency and get inspired by this site with a distinctive genius loci.

Contact: Theatrum Kuks z. s., č. p. 29, 544 01 Stanovice, katerina@theatrum-kuks.cz, www.theatrum-kuks.cz