Nová síť is a service organisation supporting performing arts and open culture. It actively creates opportunities for collaboration between Czech regions, Prague, and with abroad; improves communication between stakeholders of cultural life and public administration; and strives for decentralization, development, and cultivation of civic society in the Czech Republic. Nová síť fills the gap between public administration, state-funded organisations, and individual stakeholders of cultural life. Since 2004, Nová síť has been the administrator of the Czech Cultural Network, which covers more than 30 cultural organisations across the Czech Republic regions.

Mutual cooperation in the network is divided into three groups:




Location: Since its foundation in 2004, Nová síť has been part of the community of Prague 7 City District – it is located in the heart of the meander of Vltava river in Holešovice.

Events: Nová síť implements five main projects: CZECH CULTURAL NETWORK NOVÁ SÍŤ – a regional cooperation project; MALÁ INVENTURA – a new theatre festival in Prague, Jičín, Jihlava, České Budějovice, Karlovy Vary, Kuks and Rožnov pod Radhoštěm; CULTURE GET-TOGETHER – a conference on collaboration in culture; ART-IN-RES – a programme supporting arts residencies; NEW BLOOD ON THE STAGE – a programme supporting young and emerging artists.

Opportunities: Nová síť also provides a year-round cultural and information service for professionals in performing arts and supports their activities by providing education, assisting with their needs in terms of space or technical equipment, or presenting reruns of their performances. It serves as a cultural advocacy organisation particularly for performing arts industry and organises public seminars.

Contact: Nová síť z. s., Komunardů 885/28, 170 00 Praha 7,,