FRAS is a young but slowly emerging group of talented artists. The core group consists of Johana Bártová, Jakub Šulík and Matěji Šumbera. They are graduates of the bachelor's programme KALD DAMU under the guidance of Lukáš Jiřička, Robert Smolík, Tomáš Procházka and Branislav Mazúch. Currently, all members of the ensemble are continuing their studies at KALD DAMU. The group has been forming since 2019.

In previous years, Nová síť has already supported their production The Smallest of the Sami, which was a success not only at the Malá Inventura Festival in Prague, but also during a number of performances within the network of regional partners of the Nová síť netvork of cultural centres. The projects Medar and Behind the Door, submitted to this year's call, were undoubtedly among the best we can see on the young puppet scene in the Czech Republic.

Nová síť supported the presentation of both projects at the Malá Inventura Festival in Prague and is planning further presentations, especially in the regions of the Czech Republic. FRAS is very actively involved in the campaign to help Ukrainian refugees. They have created a version of their production Behind the Door in Ukrainian and are performing this performance entirely without remuneration. In addition, FRAS will receive support in the form of a residency at the Sladovna in Písek.

The applied projects:

Behind the Door

A big house in the middle of a big city. Jáchym lives here with his mother and father. It's summer, and his friends have left. Jáchym hangs around the house alone. Ema arrives for part of the summer holidays. Mysteries are about to be revealed. As soon as Jáchym and Ema meet, a riddle involving a clumsy old man and a locked door begins to unfold. The children don’t have a choice, they must get to the bottom of this mystery.

Created by: Johana Bártová, Jakub Müller, Antonie Rašilovová, Jakub Šulík
Supported by: Divadlo Alfred ve dvoře, Nová síť

The Honey Maker

Yoshi has never had to go far from his village. His life was as happy as the life of an old Nepalese bachelor could have been. But then Yoshi’s sister fell ill, and now he is faced with the difficult task of climbing the mountain peaks in order to bring back medicine for his sister. It is a dangerous journey that may well cost him his life.

With: Jakub Šulík, Matěj Šumbera, Johana Bártová (sound)
Author and director: Johana Bártová
Supported by: DAMU, DRAMA LABEL