The journey into the collective unconscious begins with birth. It is full of slippery roads and leads to the very bottom of our souls where we meet our fears, doubts, dilemmas and most importantly ourselves. What do we fear the most? What is it like to see oneself in the lights of trams passing by the darkened windows of a synagogue? An experimental performance nov (new moon) is based on the Siberian report bearing witness to the birth of a shaman; the performance peeks in the depths of human horror and invites the audience to meet the fears which only belong to them but at the same time are common to all mankind. A fifty-minute trip to the dark side of the moon offers the possibility of an open dialogue with doubts which on and on call to be answered.

Authors: Martina Dobiášová – Aneta Fodorová
based on Liščí žena by Ondřej Pivoda
Directed by: Martina Dobiášová
Dramaturgy: Aneta Fodorová
Supervision: Vojtěch Bárta
Stage design: Matěj Sýkora, Michal Kindernay
Costumes: Jana Hauskrechtová, Matěj Sýkora, Adequate stuff
Consulting: Juliana Höschlová
Sound: Michal Kindernay
Audiovisual by: Michal Kindernay, Dominik Žižka
Production: Barbora Fremlová
Technical support: Vojtěch Nebeský
Cast: Žofie Blechová, Jana Hauskrechtová, Marta Vítů

Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury ČR

The project was developed in cooperation with Chemické divadlo. Authors would like to thank the organization Nová síť for the support and provision of rehearsal space, and to the organization SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development for an invitation to artist residency. Our gratitude goes to the association Krajinou přílivu and Václav Špale for all their support and the opportunity to work at the Libeň Synagogue.

50 minutes, in Czech

Photo: Veronika Poslední