Devised by the theatre group 8lidí utlitizing a directorless, collective collaboration approach, Press Paradox takes as a starting point Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, whose assassination in front of his door after flying to Kiev shocked global media. But one day after his death, alive Babchenko appeared at the press conference and claimed that the whole murder was staged to actually avoid a factual assassination. What are today’s journalists threatened with? When to give priority to your personal safety and when to comply with the ethics of the journalists profession?

8lidí: Petr Erbes, Nina Jacques, Boris Jedinák, Anna Klimešová, Karolína Kotrbová, Zuzana Sceranková, Vendula Tomšů a Viktorie Vášová
Music: Ian Mikyska
Production: Emílie Formanová, Alice Kofláková

Supported by: DAMU, Divadlo DISK
Premiere: 14th December 2018, Divadlo DISK

65 minutes, in Czech (English subtitles)

Photo by: Oskar Helcel