Natálie Podešvová is a young performer, dancer and choreographer who works in a diverse collective of people - across dance, theatre, music, photography, film and visual arts - Dočasná Company. In the programme "New Blood on Stage" she applied with her first solo project Sara, in which she tries to formulate the first steps of her original approach to theatre mainly in the language of contemporary dance and physical theatre.

Support from Nová síť:

Natálie presented at the project exchange Sbal ho/ji/to! at the festival Malá inventura in Prague. Through seminars and consultations, Natálie is getting training in operational and administrative issues necessary for her independent functioning as a freelance artist. Furthermore, Nová síť works with Natalia to support her in orientation on the scene in Prague, but especially in the regions of the Czech Republic, assists her in establishing contacts and new collaborations and supports Natalia in the creation of a new project.

Natálie Podešvová is studying for her Master's degree in Nonverbal Theatre Department at HAMU in Prague. Her focus ranges from mime and physical theatre to contemporary dance. In addition to her studies, she has acquired and developed her skills in many workshops under the guidance of renowned teachers and artists (David Strnad, Lenka Vagnerová, Milan Odstrčil, Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich, Lionel Ménard, Pau Bachero, Scott Jennings, Lali Aygaudé, Sara Mangano and Pierre Yves Massip, among others).

She is interested in the interconnection of contemporary dance with physical theatre techniques. She focuses on the development of different movement principles and qualities. In 2020, she created the site-specific student project Effugio, for which she found a new space this year and, together with the performers, she further elaborated the concept in Effugio volume 2, which includes a multimedia exhibition in addition to the performance itself. Both deal with the pressing topic of deliberate physical self-harm. Thanks to the recommendation of the young critics within the European project Be SpectACTive!, Effugio volume 2 was selected for the Czech Dance Platform 2021. At the end of 2021, she prepared her first solo authorial project Sára.

Natálie also graduated in Teaching for the first grade at Palacký University in Olomouc and taught for several years at a primary school. She still uses this experience in her choreographic work as well as in leading dance and theatre workshops for children and young people. As an artist, she is interested in themes that come from any form of relationship (relationship to oneself, to someone/something, to one's surroundings). She considers relationships as a fundamental aspect of human functioning not only in society.

The applied project:


I tried to fell asleep but I was starring at the ceiling for half an hour instead. Then I switched on the lamp and start writing again to stop after few lines, crumple the paper and throw it into the corner. Now, after another ten minutes, I’m trying again. It is 2 am, I’m writing as my thoughts flow and don’t focus on spelling much so excuse me.

Concept/with: Natálie Podešvová
Music: Filip Krejčí, Silvio Rodriguez, Lapsley, Pan Sonic, J. F. Händel
Sound directing: Jan Vaniš
Lightdesign and technical cooperation: Vojtěch Brtnický
Scenographic cooperation: Lidya Arina Emir
Costumes: Alžběta Uhlíková
Projection: Matouš Ondra
Production: Natálie Matysková

Supported by: HAMU