We are made of sugar and iron. We are made of petals and floral scents. We are made of thorns and solid roots. We are made of passion and courage. We are made of goals and paths. We are made out of loud laughter in public and of weeping crying behind closed doors. We are made of bruises and healing scars from fighting.

From independence. From vulnerability. Out of love.
And most of all, we are made out of the dust of the earth.

Choreography: Eva Urbanová
Dancers: Francesca Amante, Eva Urbanová, Sara Angelucci
Music: Aid Kid, Hindi Zahra, Johann Sebastian Bach
Costumes: Eliška Šebestová
Production: Natálie Matysková
Consultations: Jan Kodet

Supported by: HAMU, Rebis plus s.r.o.
Special thanks to Zuzana Šlechtová, Květoslava Urbanová and Stanislav Urban
Premiere: 26th September 2019, Divadlo DISK

35 minutes, no language barrier

Photo by: Michal Hančovský