An intimate, multisensory performance for 3 audience. A blindfold, headphones and warm hands. We explore gentleness and care through touch and simple earthly stories, inspired by the mother figures from Erben’s Kytice. This is a sensory adventure to inner discoveries and curious places with tactile objects, smells, sounds and above all, imagination.

Sensory Guides: Ivana Atanasova, Lara Hereu and Nitish Jain
Storytellers: Petra Hauerova and Ivana Atanasova.
Sound Design: Daniel Valášek
Dramaturgy: Ran Jiao
Production: Studio MoreThanThat & Antonie Dědečková

Supported by: Studio MoreThanThat, Skautský institut, Divadlo DISK, Přístav
Premiere: 27th May, 2019 at Skautský institut

40 minutes, English friendly

Photo: by Hoi Man