Magdalena Malinová and Klára Vosecká are a creative duo, authors of the site-specific production Holky, můžu poprosit? It explores single motherhood from women’s and young girls’ perspective, using a particular material for the examination – the magazine for girls, BRAVO. The project introduces a few documentary aspects, raw recordings of interviews with single mothers, authentic stories of actors who shared their life experience with the authors, and it also works with issues related to the subjectivity in narration.

Klára Vosecká is a director who is currently finishing her studies at the Drama Theatre Department at DAMU. In her theatre work, she reflects on topics such as animality, instinct, and violence in society. Her work could be characterised by her brilliant ability to find humour and comic situations where they do not typically occur. She recently presented at DISK Theatre the very first performance in the Czech Republic of the play Blood on the Neck of the Cat by Reiner Werner Fassbinder, the enfant terrible of German theatre and film.

Projects: R.W. Fassbinder: Blood on the Cat's Neck (DISK Theatre, 2022), / M. von Mayenburg: Bang (bachelor thesis, 2021) / W. Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus (Atelieré Stalingrad, 2016) / R.L. Stevenson: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Divadlo D21, 2017) / P. Ouředník, I. Kořánová: Europeana (Kampus Hybernská, 2018) / K. Dvořák: Boženka přijede (stage reading, Studio Řetízek, 2019) / M. Topolová: Ptáčata (a film sketch at the palace U Stýblů, 2020) / N. Kljucharjeva, M. Topolová: Rusko – vagon třetí třídy (a site specific stage reading, Moving Station Pilsen, 2021) / Území nikoho: Holky, můžu poprosit? (a performance at the cultural centre Vzlet, 2022) / Translation workshop DILIA (Vila Štvanice, 2022)

Magdalena Malinová is a film and theatre actress, dramaturg, dancer, and performer. She graduated from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (DAMU) and also studied theatre theory and criticism. The projects in which she participates as a co-creator usually interweave documentary and social themes. She recently presented Holky, můžu poprosit? at the Vzlet in Vršovice, a performance that disrupts the idyllic environment of a coffee shop with the harsh reality of single motherhood. The play 30 DNÍ (Studio ALTA) deals with the ossified Czech immigration policy. In her own artistic work, Magdalena Malinová focuses on the performative potential of food, as her lifelong passion and life philosophy is baking. Her last two performances, Proces péče and Bezhlavé tělo, were devoted to yeast dough, reflecting through it on topics such as perception of female body and time.

Projects: Den mě oslepí, večer mě utiší, noc mě skryje (the Week of Well-being GAMPA, at the association Nesladim, 2022), 30 DNÍ (2021, Studio ALTA, Moving Station, Cross Attic), Všechno co tíží smrt (2022, a walk with performance for the Boskovice Festival), Bezhlavé tělo (2022, a happening for the theses festival Proces), Proces péče (2022, a performance for the theses festival Proces)

Registered project:

Agony Aunt

“It’s just constant. That’s the worst part. You’re on call every morning. You have to do everything. It’s just you putting her to bed every afternoon or evening,” says Lenka.

“People tell me, “I couldn’t do that, I’d rather kill myself.” And I say, “But that’s the way it is, and I also have to bring up two children on the side.” adds Zuzka.

A documentary performance exploring the topic of single-parenting from the perspective of girls, women, daughters and mothers.

The cafe can be a venue for a first date, a location to meet with the divorce lawyer, the site of a breakup, a place where kids drink lemonade while adults sip a flat white, a setting in which friends and strangers can meet. A space where people find the need to confide.

Come and overhear stories from the table next door. Come and see your teenage idol at the bar, the one you placed your faith in and who left you. Come and witness the breakup of a perfect family.

Direction: Klára Vosecká
Dramaturgy: Magdalena Malinová
Sound: Anna Hokešová
Performed by: Anastázie Dobrodinská, Klára Lidinská, Štěpán Pospíšil

Supported by: Nova sit, z.s., cultural centre VZLET

Premiere: 31 June 2022, VZLET

60 min, in Czech

Photographs by: Tatiana Lvovská