The group KHWOSHCH has created a successful play Dinopera (nominated for the award Cena Divadelnich novin, a second place at the festival Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem 2021, among others). The group – with the more less same team – continues exploring in the same direction in the project Heavy Theatre.

Daria Gosteva is the author of the play Moskva - Dačnoie (festival Přelet nad loutkářským hnízdem 2022), Vavřinec Němec created the play Karkůlka aneb jak se do lesa, tak se z lesa těžko. Tomáš Kočí was/is responsible for the production of the projects Příchozí (Vzlet, 2022), Budenebude kůň, KUKOKLI, etc. Frieda Gawenda has initiated the music and theatre project Hund (Gras FM at Berlin's Schaubude), and Mathias Baresel performs with his solo project Ted Brasko.

Registered project:

Heavy Theatre is a performance between movement (non-verbal), object, visual and musical theatre. The main source of inspiration is heavy materials or objects such as logs and stumps, stones, rails, beams, statues, bells, chains, ropes, etc. The project explores the performative potential of heavy objects and their manipulation. The use of such heavy objects creates new situations in which not only the performer animates the object, but also the object, by its weight, form and size, animates the parformer. Heavy materials or objects will also be used to create music or "soundscapes" of the performance. The performance will use both ready-made materials and modified objects such as sculptures or kinetic constructions. Therefore, the final form will also be preceded by the creation of an exhibition or installation of these objects (May 2023). Since Heavy Theatre is an initiative of artists (Daria Šalygina, Vavřinec Němec), the project will focus not only on the performance itself, but also on its preparation or installation, which is usually carried out by theatre technicians. We would like to make this reverse side of the theatre more visible. Other sources of inspiration for the creative team are the mythology of Asian or Nordic countries (e.g. Norway or Indonesia), mountaineering, new circus, traditional Tatra carrying, construction industry, etc. We also see as very performative and theatrical the ordinary moving of heavy objects that we can see every day on the street. Therefore, our work is also based on documenting similar activities.
We are currently conducting research on working with materials and objects, collecting methods of moving with materials and ways of modifying them. Subsequently, an installation of objects will be created (probably accompanied by a video of the rehearsals). A final performance will then be created through block residencies over the summer.

Concept + direction: Daria Gosteva, Vavřinec Němec, Tomáš Kočí, Frieda Gawenda
Scenography: Daria Gosteva, Vavřinec Němec
Production: Tomáš Kočí
Music: Frieda Gawenda, Mathias Baresel
Performers: Tomáš Kočí, Vavřinec Němec, Daria Gosteva, Frieda Gawenda, Mathias Baresel
Supported by: Nova sit, z.s