The Cooperation Starts group of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť met on June 5-7, this time in the Zlín Region where our new member organisation, Kulturák – podhostýnská kulturní družina, operates. The meeting focused on our education and development and on sharing news from culture industry. We also got acquainted with the Podhostýn microregion and took the opportunity to visit the pilgrimage site Svatý Hostýn.


At the Sola Gratia compound located at the junction of the towns Chvalčov and Bystřice pod Hostýnem, where the programme of this year's meeting took place, the town halls representatives welcomed part of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť. The mayor and deputy mayor of Bystřice pod Hostýnem, Zdeněk Rolinc and Martin Burdík, introduced the changes in the town management and presented their approach to culture in Bystřice area. The mayor of Chvalčov, Jan Chlápek, outlined the town’s future cooperation with the association Kulturák. We are pleased that culture is thriving in the Hostýn area and that the town management is supportive and open to a dialogue.

After we said goodbye to the political representation, participating organisations shared their news – related either to their activities, their town or region. We are delighted that thanks to the Network we can keep track of regional events.


Sladovna in the city of Písek enjoys the city’s support, thanks to which it is ready to repair the foyer, the reception and, perhaps, tap even into future larger investments. Visitors can enjoy two exhibitions: Daisy 100: Čekárna neděli (Daisy 100: Waiting Room for Sunday) and Já město (I, the City). In addition, Sladovna is launching a patronage club, so don’t hesitate and become a supporter of the largest children's gallery in the Czech Republic! Městské kulturní středisko Vodňany‘s biggest cultural and social event – Vodňanské rybářské dny (Vodňany Fishing Days) was a great success. Congratulations on such a high attendance! In Velvary, fine art is flourishing thanks to the collaboration with Lucía Štůlová Vobořilová, and from June 29 to September you can look forward to seeing Kurt Gebauer's new exhibition at Galerie Tomáše Vosolsobě.

Kulturák just wrapped up Sušil happening organised under the artistic direction of Horňácká muzika Petra Mičky, and Letní kino Chvalčov is in full swing. The Farmstudio’s programme is also exciting, and in addition to the regular Farmstudio OPEN events it features the festival of independent film, Svéhlavá kamera, in mid-September. Zvěřinec has managed to find a space for their activities after years of operating in the Zlín Region. You can enjoy the vibe of their events as early as 15 July at the festival of fast and slow music v_houští_, or at Kutilské symposium Jizva in Lukov from 5 to 7 October.


The next morning, we delved into the process of applying for grants thanks to Adriana Světlíková’s educational seminar, learning how to create budgets and avoid possible pitfalls, and exploring public funding opportunities. Among other things we focused on the State Culture Fund and the grant procedure of the "Cultural Activities" programme for professional theatre offered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. News related to the National Recovery Plan and introductions to other service organisations and professional organisations and networks in the cultural and creative industries followed. In the second half of the day, we concentrated on organisational development using the popular method MasterMind.


Exploring the location, local cultural stakeholders, and places of interest was part of the programme. The first day was concluded with a visit to a local film collector, Vítězslav Tichý, whose collection is a fascinating archive of Czech-Slovak cinematography. The next evening we went to the Chvalčov summer cinema near Kozinec, and the three-day work meeting concluded with the Network’s pilgrimage to Svatý Hostýn, including a unique tour of this national cultural landmark.

Thank you all for your participation and your desire to advance!


Kateřina Linhartová – Velvareum; Pavel Matela, Jan Kuntoš – Bohemia Farmstudio; Michaela Piskačová, Jana Šídlová – MěSK Vodňany; Vendula Tomšů, Honza Tomšů – Zvěřinec; Klára Mathieu, Petr Brůha – Sladovna Písek; Pavel Kubaník, Zuzana Malenková, Tomáš Hradil – Kulturák


Tereza Lacmanová, Eliška Burdová, Adriana Světlíková

Members meeting of the group Cooperation Starts of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť is realised by Nová síť with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan, and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.