The 4th annual conference Culture Get-Together 2023 – LEAVING!

Culture Get-Together is a conference for cultural experts, representative of the public administration, educators, artists as well as the public interested in the current situation of live art and cultural practice.

25.9. - 26.9. 2023 / Prague / Spojka Events (Karlín)

The aim of the conference is to motivate the cooperation of representatives in the field of independent performing arts, self-government, and the state sector, but also open unpopular topics. So, it won't be surprising that this year's conference will address the issue of Leaving, which will thus offer a broader discussion.

We are interested in “Leaving” in terms of all the connections and consequences on individual and social levels, in both creative and managerial area. We will talk about leaving executive management positions, leaving a job for a freelance basis, leaving to and from abroad or, for example, the reasons for the reluctance and fear to leave.

We will share our experience with several prominent figures working as senior leaders in projects and institutions with a strong societal impact, often with international outreach.

Hosted by Mario Kubaš, the conference is also streamed and translated into English.

Registration here.

Conference venue: Spojka Events (Karlín), Pernerova 697/35, Prague 8

The conference is organised by Nová síť / a service organisation for performing arts.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Project (Creative Video - Nová síť Campaign - LEAVING No. 0380000181) - focused on the creation of a video campaign was implemented and funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU

Detailed programme below:

Medailonky CGT 2023_ENG.pdf (187KB)PROGRAM CGT_ENG.pdf (184KB)