At the beginning of May 2019, the members of the Nová síť - Czech Cultural Network - met in the Komařice residential house. Two days of sharing of new ideas and working together in the beautiful surroundings of South Bohemia. The meeting that brought ideas, inspiration, and plans for the future.

An essential point of the meeting was the update of the Declaration of Membership in the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť and its amendments. In this regard was voted an annual fee.

There was also a vote to accept the Vzbuďme Vary Association, which received full support and become the new member of Czech Culture Network.

The full text of the Declaration can be found on the Nová síť website -

Part of the meeting was devoted to a thematic block, in which the discussion mainly agreed on the need to initiate data collection and broader publishing activities in the field of current cultural topics and the development of an independent cultural scene in the regions. Another theme was, for example, supporting the circulation of projects in the regions and reflecting on a new program for graduates students, the so-called "region tour".

The next part of the meeting was devoted to questions connected with the running of the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť. The discussion was mainly about the issue of new members' admission, possibilities, and limits for the growth of the network or an effective setting of sharing information. There was also a discussion about the options of cooperation with those who currently do not meet the conditions of membership in the Network, but they want to be in touch with the Network. Among to being a member of the Network or member of a group for start-up partners - ZAČÍNÁME SPOLUPRÁCI, will come into being a section that will allow cooperation on an individual and other levels called - PŘÍTEL.

The meeting also included a brief recap of recent and currently running projects and activities of the Nová síť. (PRALIN, IETM, Malá inventura 2019, etc.) and an overview of the activities of individual members of the network.
Another meeting of members and the group Začínáme spolupráci will take place in autumn 2019 in Stanica Žilina, Slovakia.

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