The seventeenth year of the theatre festival will offer fifty-seven performances on fifteen Prague stages. Malá inventura also has guests from Berlin and there is a new programme section Residents this year.

Malá inventura, which will be held from 20 to 28 February, will this year also feature the best of the new theatre from the past year. The festival art director Petr Pola explains that the selection was difficult: “We were interested in diversity. There was roughly twice as much material at the beginning. After a careful selection, we have chosen fifty-seven performances.”

The extensive programme is divided into several sections. In Home scenes, it will traditionally present the best of the permanent scene programme. Within this section, the audience can look forward to twenty-three performances: Útočiště by Viliam Dočolomansky, Žlutá tma by a multimedia artist Petr Nikl, as well as the latest performances by Lenka Vagnerová, Wariot Ideal, Spitfire Company, Continuo Theatre, Miroslav Bambuška, Petra Tejnorová, Depresivní děti touží po penězích and so on.

Under the section New Blood, where students and starting artists are presented, there is a horror performance on the motifs of Hansel and Gretel J + M directed by Rufina Bázlová, and the story of the famous Joan of Arc under the name Jana, directed by Anežka Kalivodová.

Next section, Migratory Birds (i.e., theatre groups without a permanent scene) will feature, for example “an existential horror" Rain Dance 2.0 by Handa Gote research & development, next Pustina based on the famous modernist T.S. Eliot directed by Jan Nebeský - or the performance Poutníci po hvězdách directed by Hana Strejčková, created in cooperation with refugee children and which is primarily intended for children.

This year’s new feature is the Residents section, which will present foreign artists living in the Czech Republic and Czech artists living abroad. Performances Everywhen by the creative team of Soňa Ferienčíková, Mária Júdová and Alexandra Timpau, or the remake of the cult horror, Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro by the Mexican performer Cristina Maldonado called Telekinetic Assault Group are definitely worth seeing. “We do not just want to bring the new theatre closer to the public,” Adriana Světlíková, director of Malá inventura explains, “We also want to connect theatre professionals from the Czech Republic with those from abroad.”

The main innovation of Malá inventura is this year’s PRALIN section which will offer five premieres of Berlin artists in the Czech Republic. You can look forward to Claire Vivianne Sobottke and her performance Strange Songs , honoured at Vienna ImpulsTanz by the audience award, or the performer and “robot” Lori Baldwin, who under the name Tick tock the Timeline Clock will be answering the audience’s questions about life; Theaterautomat by an art group Pragmata will lead the audience into the field of mechanical theatre. “The aim is to at least in the minimal way capture the richness of art production in Berlin: dance, performances, objects. There is just something for everyone,” says Petr Pola, the art director of Malá inventura.

The home scenes of the 17th year of the festival Malá inventura are Studio ALTA, Divadlo Archa, PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, MeetFactory, Alfred ve dvoře, Studio Hrdinů, Venuše ve Švehlovce, DOX+, La Fabrika, Cross Attic, Divadlo X10, NoD, Theatre Komedie, Petrohradská kolektiv, National Gallery in Prague - Trade fair palace and Kavárna U Hrdinů. The festival also cooperates with Werich’s Villa and a community space Punctum.

The main organizer of the festival is the cultural non-profit organisation Nová síť: cultural organisation based in Prague 7, which will celebrate sixteen years of its existence this year. It continuously provides consultations and advice in the field of non-profit organisations; it is engaged in mediation, monitoring and revival of local culture; it realizes artistic, managerial and Visegrad residences; it administers the Czech Cultural Network and supports networking, circulation and sharing; it systematically works in the field of education in the form of workshops for the public in the areas of acquiring technical skills and planning cultural events; it implements the PRALIN project, which develops cultural cooperation between Prague and Berlin. Nová síť is also the organizer of the new theatre festival Malá inventura in regions: Jičín, Jihlava, České Budějovice and Opava ( ).

The 17th annual new theatre festival Malá inventura will be held from 20 to 28 February.

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