Varnsdorf recently hosted a national meeting network Nová síť. In this "culturally" complicated region was for a few days rather vividly. Beginning of this week belonged to the networking and the ceremonial unveiling of a bust of local sculptor Vincenz Pilz. In the middle of the week followed fifth edition of the festival Vítr z hor, which annually offers dramaturgy in the field of "New Theatre".

Participants of the meeting: Cooltour (Ostrava), Kredance (České Budějovice), Kontrapunkt (Hradec Králove), Opavská kulturní organizace (Opava), JOHAN (Plzeň), UFFO (Trutnov) DW7 (Olomouc), S radostí (Varnsdorf), Centre for Culture and Education Blatná (Blatna), Wallenstein Imaginarium (Jičin) and Vzbuďme Vary (Karlovy Vary), Luhovaný Vincent (Luhačovice) v lese (Komařice).

The next meeting of the Nová síť cultural network will be held in collaboration with cultural organizations Opavská kulturní organizace Opava from 24. to 25. April 2017.