Award ceremony that takes place every two years and stands for showing our respect to persons that truly and exceptionally help develop new theatre. The award is presented by non-profit organisation Nová síť. In cooperation with the Czech culture network, Nová síť selects the nominations and the winners and in total awards five prizes.

In the year 2020 nominees for the Award for exceptional feat in the field of new theatre were:

Nela Kornetová/T.I.T.S.
Czech Association of Independent theatre
Cooltour Ostrava
Jakub Čermák/ Depresivní děti toužící po penězích (Depressed children longing for money)
Petra Tejnorová
Libor Kasík/UFFO
Wariot Ideal
Divadlo X10

During the award ceremony we were find out three of the winners. The other two laureates have already been chosen. The Award for long-term contribution, development and support of new theatre goes to the Svět a divadlo magazine, which this year celebrates thirty years. The Award for exceptional support and presentation of Czech culture abroad goes to the founder and director of Tanec Praha Yvona Kreuzmannová.