Independent Performing Arts in Prague and Berlin
November 2018 – February 2020

Application deadline: September 15, 2018

PRALIN intends to actively promote and support the communication between the independent performing arts communities in Berlin and Prague. Both communities have a great deal in common not only in terms of artistic aesthetic, but also in terms of working conditions and topics of discussion. They are both large cities with progressive theater communities, located closely to one another and are official partner cities. They mirror each other in many regards while remaining unique in many other aspects and each have their own special problems and are prepared to learn from each other.

PRALIN is a shared project of Nová síť (Prague) and the LAFT Berlin Performing Arts Program. The partners of the project are the Institute of Art - Theater Institute (Prague) and the platform for independent artists Cross Attic (Prague). The cooperating organizations are the Goethe-Institut (Prague) and the Czech Center (Berlin).

Who Can Apply to Take Part in the PRALIN Exchange Program?
The program is intended for industry professionals in Berlin and Prague whose work extends beyond artistic activities: producers, culture managers, audience developers, marketing managers, artistic directors, PR staff, project coordinators, ... The applicants should be freelance workers in Berlin or Prague or employed by an institution working in the field of the performing arts. For the first round, up to 5 participants from Prague and up to 5 participants from Berlin will be selected.

The Program Contains:
November 8 – 10, 2018: During the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community in Berlin, all selected participants will meet, get to know each other and choose a host and a guest from the other city. All participants are simultaneously both guests and hosts.

Exchange in 2019: The participants will visit their partner manager and/or partner organization in 2019, once in Berlin and once in Prague. The duration of the stay can vary between one week and up to 3 months or more. The specific details regarding the amount of time and content of the work as well as the accommodation can be individually discussed and decided upon by the respective exchange partners.

February 2020: The results of the exchange program will be presented to an audience of industry professionals during the Malá inventura festival in Prague.

The travel expenses for the exchange will be covered by the program. Accommodation will be provided for the group meetings in November 2018 in Berlin and in February 2020 in Prague. Accommodation should be provided by the host for the one-to-one meeting. The PRALIN team is happy to help with finding accommodation in individual cases. PRALIN cannot other visas and/or employment permits should these be necessary. You can inform yourself here about visas, employment permits and related topics. In addition, no fee can be paid for the time of the staff exchange.

How Do I Apply?
We ask you to please send a CV and statement of motivation by September 15, 2018 to the contact person in your city (see list of contacts below).
The following information should be included in the statement of motivation:

Why do I want to participate in the Staff Exchange program?
What type of guest organization / work area would be of interest to me in the other city?
How long can the stay in the partner city be?
What kind of hosting can I provide for the members of the partner city that come to my city?
Language skills?
Any other specific requests?
Applicants should be certain that they can take part in the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community in Berlin from November 8 – 10, 2018 and in the Malá inventura festival in February 2020. The selection of the participants will be made by the end of September 2018.

The confirmation of participation from the selected participants must then be submitted by October 7, 2018.

Apply for submissions:
(in Czech or English):
New Network (Prague)

(in German or English):
Performing Arts Program (Berlin)