For eighteen years, Nová síť has supported performing arts and cooperation in culture. It is an open cultural organisation which connects the regions of the Czech Republic with Prague and abroad, strengthens communication between the public administration and the participants of cultural life and strives for decentralization, development and cultivation of open society in the Czech Republic. The main projects by Nová síť are the CZECH CULTURAL NETWORK NOVÁ SÍŤ, the new theatre festival MALÁ INVENTURA, the communication platform Prague - Berlin PRALIN and the project supporting artistic residencies ART-IN-RES.

NOVÁ SÍŤ / supporting performing arts and cooperation in culture

A well-functioning society is characterized by a developed civil society and open access to the cultural sector. Success cannot be measured solely by economic growth or tolerance towards the rights and freedoms of individuals and groups, but also by a developed cultural life. In particular, promoting live culture and recognizing its importance across the social spectrum is a sign that allows the country to be stated as more or less developed.

NGO Nová síť seeks to promote open culture through systematic conceptual development, which at the same time practically checks and fulfils the realisation of individual cultural activities. There is no similar organization in the Czech Republic that would combine support of local culture in regions with events in Prague and the international scene.

The open organisational structure of Nová síť allows for responding to the current situation in culture, taking into account the requirements of the artistic, professional and the public, and involving them in a wider network of institutional functioning of organizations at municipal, national and international levels . This operational capability builds on the many years of experience of Nová síť employees.

NGO Nová síť fills the gap between state administration, public-benefit corporations, and individual actors of cultural life. It provides background and support for the planning and development of individual activities, concepts, and comprehensive projects. It offers services in the fields of mediation and advocacy of individuals and entire organisations. It provides background and implements projects that cultivate both Prague and individual regions of the Czech Republic. In particular, it brings together and increases the value of the cooperation between individuals and organisations in the Czech Republic and abroad.

NOVÁ SÍŤ / regions - capitals – abroad


Czech Cultural Network Nová síť: The Czech Republic possesses a highly developed infrastructure of cultural centres. One of the priorities of Nová síť is the appropriate administration of the cultural network to enable the development of more than 25 organisations that joined the network across the Czech Republic. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting new organisations and individuals seeking to successfully work within their areas. Whether it is a theatre, a public initiative, or an attempt to revive a cultural or industrial monument.

Malá inventura festival Jičín, Jihlava, České Budějovice, Opava and Karlovy Vary: the festival of the new theatre is an alternative to mass productions, it introduces theatres that feature original works, experiment, respond to current social tendencies and develop their own theatre aesthetics. The festival format also allows for this overlapping potential to meet the conditions in a particular city. This is guaranteed by the individual centre dramaturgists who know the situation in their own cities. Within this format, discussions are also taking place, which address issues not only at the local levels.

New Blood on the Stage: The New blood on the stage programme supports the youngest artists and fresh graduates of art schools. Through this, young artists gain the opportunity to be seen on the Czech theatre scene and to be noticed by both promoters in Prague and regional partners of the Czech Cultural Network.

Mediation and Arts Advocacy: In recent years, Nová síť has focused on activities related to the development, advocacy, and mediation of cultural policies, both in the form of more general issues of functioning of culture in the Czech Republic and the concrete mediating of these conditions on a local level. In a number of cities, it has become a mediator between local initiatives and city and municipality administrations.

Creative and managerial residences: they are the means to diversify Czech cultural production through the mobility of artists and other cultural professionals. Art residences are effective tools for promoting creativity in the Czech Republic. The residencies are realized in cooperation with the Czech Cultural Network. The varied artist exchanges could not be realized without the developed infrastructure of cultural houses and institutions that are active across the public benefit and independent cultural sectors.

Consultations and trainings in the regions: consultations on grant calls and applications, funding and production, which are held through trips to individual locations in the Czech Republic.

Nová síť informs - culture blog: Information on the situation, as well as the ability to mediate the issues of regional organizations, is the key factor in their chances for development. Over the past two years, Nová síť has initiated and published more than 20 interviews with members of the Czech Cultural Network in the Internet magazine Divadelní noviny. The interviews serve to readers, especially professional audience, to keep up-to-date of the developments in the regions.

Czech Theatre DNA Awards: The connection of the Czech Cultural Network to the cultural area at the national level is also used by the Czech Theatre DNA project. Every two years, the best theatre productions have the opportunity to receive the award for the development and support of live culture in the Czech Republic. The awards have been presented since 2012.


Malá inventura festival: it offers a showcase of selected productions of home scenes in Prague, independent both established and starting promising young artists, it is a place for international networking and establishing new collaborations, workshops, symposia and discussions focused on professional and non-professional public. The final programme represents the most significant productions of the past year. Dozens of Czech projects were further presented through focused networking, maintaining a relationship with strategic partners and continuous support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic, Prague, the Czech Film Fund and others.

Consultations and trainings of individuals and cultural organizations in Prague: throughout the year, dozens of applicants turn to us to consult on the fields of grants and applications, funding and production or networking opportunities. For this reason, a free consultation programme was created with a possible overlap into a long-term training. Every year we deal with more than one hundred applicants for regular Thursday consultations.

Studio 26: it was created as a subsidized place for the rehearsing and preparing of projects by artists and art groups based mainly in Prague. Studio 26 serves as a conference room, consultation room, room for trainings and workshops, and it is preferentially provided to non-profit entities.

Production Services: Nová síť provides selected entities with individual production services and turnkey events. An example can be the organization of the last three years of the Via Foundation Via Bona Award.


PRALIN - communicatio platform between Prague and Berlin: Nová síť, in cooperation with the German organization LAFT Performing Arts Program, have developed a unique cultural exchange programme between the performing arts scenes in Prague and Berlin. The programme aim is the mutual enrichment of the indenpendent cultures in both cities by development of new models of cultural life as well as its staffing.

IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts Nová síť is a member of IETM. IETM is a network of over 450 performing arts organisations and individual members working in the contemporary performing arts worldwide: theatre, dance, circus, interdisciplinary live art forms, new media.

Visegrad Residencies: Nová síť is the guarantor and coordinator of Visegrad residencies for the Czech Republic. Under this programme each year, more than a dozen projects have the opportunity to go on a residential stay in a partner country. Thanks to the excellent level of Czech theatre infrastructure, each year more than half of residential stays are realized in the Czech Republic.

Cooperation with Czech Centers: Nová síť also lively cooperates with the Czech Centers, which has led to dozens of Czech theatres and artists in other art fields going on abroad stays. Especially to the Czech Centers in London, Budapest, Tel Aviv, ... Development of New Art: For five years, Nová síť was the leader of the European project Development of New Art, which was involving six European countries. The project included two international premieres in the field of the new theatre and a number of art exchanges and theatre hosting.

European Networking: Thanks to the European Network DNA and cooperation with Czech Centers in Europe and guest networking during the festival Malá inventura, Nová síť has established cooperation with dozens of other organizations involved in live culture around the world. International cooperation also works in the opposite direction, as Nová síť representatives regularly participate in international festivals, especially in Europe, where they present mainly Malá inventura Festival and the Czech Cultural Network Nová síť.

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