PRALIN / communication platform Prague - Berlin

The main idea of the project is to actively support and mediate communication between the two independent performing arts communities of Berlin and Prague and to enable mutual ways of presenting the work by artists from Prague in Berlin and by artists from Berlin in Prague.

The two communities have a lot in common: Not only in terms of artistic aesthetics but also in ways of working conditions and discourses. They both are big cities with a progressive theatre scene, very close to each other. In many points they mirror themselves and in many aspects they are unique and have their own particular problems while being ready to learn from each other.

Therefore the project partners will connect venues and institutions whose program includes presentations or other activities (residences, workshops, seminars) in the field of contemporary independent performing arts. The different steps of this project want to enable artists and professionals as well as the public and audience of the respectively other city to be aware of the common ground in order to establish closer links between the two urban independent performing arts communities. Also the project will provide artists with contacts to relevant organizations or individuals in order to increase the possibility of new cooperation between Prague and Berlin.

Project organizers: Nová síť (Prague) and Performing Art Program (Berlin)
Partners: Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague), Czech Centre (Berlin) and Cross Attic (Prague)


First steps:


Performing Arts Festival Berlin from June 5 – 10, 2018
Festival is the best time of the year for everybody who is seeking contacts with Berlin-based artists and industry professionals. More than 60 venues show more than 130 productions from Berlin's independent performing arts community, with an organized accompanying program for international professional visitors.

Sharing the Performing Arts Guide Berlin
In 2018 there will be new website released by PAP Berlin with detailed information about Berlin independent scene, venues, festivals and further organisations.

Malá inventura Festival 2019
More industry professionals from Berlin will be invited to come for the next edition of Malá inventura festival in order to increase interests for Czech theatre.

Performing Arts Festival Berlin from May 28 – JUNE 2, 2019
Festival is the best time of the year for everybody who is seeking contacts with Berlin-based artists and industry professionals.


Symposia slots
Planning of commonly organized symposia (PAP Berlin, Nova Sit Praha) as meeting points for professionals from both cities. Probably during the upcoming Industry Get-Together in Berlin from November 8 – 10, 2018 and the next year of Mala inventura festival.

Berlin -> Prague : PAP will send news from Berlin relevant for international professionals to you from time to time.
Prague -> Berlin: If you have concrete news which might be relevant for the Berlin scene, don't hesitate to write to us. We might distribute the information through our network and/or monthly newsletter if possible. Certainly relevant are open calls, funding deadlines, research questions, and so on (please understand that advertisement for specific productions, commercial or educational offers where participants should pay a fee can not be distributed for example).

Staff exchange

We are now working on format for staff exchange between industry professionals (venue managers, producers, curators, PRists, …) that should allow personal exchange of know-how and create more tight connections on individual level. The first open call will be announced at the end of June 2018, with the deadline of 15 September 2018.

Nova síť, Mala inventura Festival (Prague)

Performing Arts Programm, Performing Arts Festival (Berlin)