Yesterday (22. 2. 2016) - shortly before 21 pm were during Gala evening at the Archa Theater Czech theater DNA awards was handed.

In collaboration with partner organizations of the cultural network Nová síť, five awards in three categories was handed:

Award for outstanding achievement in the field of New Theater received:

• VerTeDance, Jiří Havelka, Clarinet Factory / Korekce
• Studio ALTA / community activities, the launch of Testing Room 23 and Alternate Living Room
• Pavel Zajíček, Miroslav Bambušek, DG 307, Studio Hrdinů / Pustina

Award for an outstanding long-term contribution, development and support of New Theater received:

Pavel Štourač

Award for an outstanding support and presentation of Czech New Theater abroad received:

Márta Ladjánszki, Hungary

The award ceremony is held every two years as a tribute to outstanding figures of Czech New Theater and was initiated by the cultural NGO Nová síť.

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